Making and Preserving Elderflower Cordial by Pasteurisation

Making large quantities of elderflower cordial

The fresh and zesty flavour of elderflower cordial is one of the great joys of springtime. The sadness comes when it is all finished. Fortunately by preserving elderflower cordial by pasteurisation it is possible to hold on to this little slice of spring through the depths of winter… Foraging for Elderflowers By the end of…

Fermented Wild Garlic Buds Recipe

fermented wild garlic buds recipe in fermentation jars

This fermented wild garlic buds recipe is amazingly tasty. It is also so easy to make. Very little preparation is required as we ferment the garlic in a simple brine solution. Ideal for anyone trying out lacto-fermentation for the first time. This recipe makes use of the ramson Allium ursinum. If you are new to…

A Simple Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

simple wild garlic pesto recipe easy to make

Spring heralds the start of wild garlic season. This wonderfully aromatic plant so prized by foragers can be found in abundance in many of our ancient woodland through March, April and May. Follow our simple wild garlic pesto recipe for a real seasonal treat, traditionally stirred through pasta but also incredible in a sandwich. This…

Not Just Ramsons.
Foraging for the Five Most Common Species of Wild Garlic.

Wild garlic allium ursinum growing with bluebells in Chalkney woods, Essex

Although ramsons are our best known and most abundant wild garlic it is not the only wild plant with a strong garlic flavour to grace these shores. When we think of wild garlic ramsons spring immediately to mind. This beloved native plant floods many of our woodlands with the heady scent of garlic every spring….