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Making Elderflower Cordial and Preserving it Through Pasteurisation

Home made elederflower cordial recipe served with ice

The fresh and zesty flavour of elder­flower cor­dial is one of the great joys of spring­time. The sad­ness comes when it is all fin­ished. For­tu­nate­ly by pre­serv­ing elder­flower cor­dial through pas­teuri­sa­tion it is pos­si­ble to hold on to this lit­tle slice of spring through the depths of win­ter… For­ag­ing for Elder­flow­ers By the end of…

Not Just Ramsons.
Foraging for the Five Most Common Species of Wild Garlic.

Wild garlic allium ursinum growing with bluebells in Chalkney woods, Essex

Although ram­sons are our best known and most abun­dant wild gar­lic it is not the only wild plant with a strong gar­lic flavour to grace these shores. When we think of wild gar­lic ram­sons spring imme­di­ate­ly to mind. This beloved native plant floods many of our wood­lands with the heady scent of gar­lic every spring.…